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After moving into my new flat last fall, I rediscovered the Toronto skyline. Every morning presented a new view to surprise me – the city bathed with a different light, forecast and mood. I decided to capture the Toronto skyline over the next year across weather patterns and seasons in TO.365. May 1st, 2010 marked the first day. The forecast on that day: partly cloudy with a strong chance of rain.

A side note: Since starting TO.365, I’ve occasionally found myself in other places away from Toronto. In lieu of this, rather than temporarily hold TO.365 during those periods, I have decided to continue my daily captures regardless of where I am. This is why sometimes, you will find a post or series of posts from other places. I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

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Today’s TO.365:

Day 365: Moonkissed morning. A perfect end.

Day 365: This morning’s sunrise was the perfect end to this last year of TO.365. I can’t believe this is it! It’s been a year. This last 365 was captured by none other than my fantastic better half. I’ve managed to fall sick in the last couple days, and so when he got up to start his day, he grabbed my camera and shot this last one for me. The moon could still be seen lingering in the sky above the skyline. After weeks of cloud and rain, the cloudless sky tinted by the sun is sure a welcome sight. Perhaps our spring is finally here.

April 30, 2011

TO.365 > Full Gallery

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