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Love of tea

I’ve been on a purge lately (more on that in another post), and opened my pantry to realize how much tea I have. Boxes upon boxes housing at least a couple dozen varieties. At least.

So the answer: obviously, I’m drinking a different kind every day now. None of this waiting until I’m feeling a little under the weather or saving it for a rainy day. Yesterday was the first one: a jasmine tea ball.

The best part to these beautiful little tea balls is the way they’re crafted. Tied together delicately and dried, but when you steep them, they slowly blossom. I love that. The aesthetic of the blossoming tea ball into a gorgeous floral pattern.

Here’s a short Vine video of the tea opening up:


Table for Two

I said “see you soon” to a dear friend today. The prospect of the future feels full of hope and potential, but I can’t help but also feel the pull of a past flooded with good memory and friendship.

I thought this picture was the perfect representation of both.

The small things

Plastic shadows. A plastic bag on the counter. (Photo credits: Vivian Chan)

I’ve been thinking about the concept of balance lately and living a full life. Most of us are all too familiar with the old adage to remember to “stop and smell the flowers” once in a while. It may be cliché and obvious, but I really do believe it’s as simple as that. Finding balance and happiness is in the moment, and yet, it’s a life-long commitment of collecting strings of those moments. Amazing things happen when we take the time to observe, notice, and fully experience the smaller things in life, throughout our lives – and it does require a commitment.

It’s surprisingly easy to get caught up in the harried pace of relationships, work, family, and other commitments. Worse still, we fall prey to a later-when mentality, where we think we will do something we want or find happiness later, when _______. Later, when I buy a house, land a job, get a raise, find a boyfriend or girlfriend, buy those shoes, then, I will (fill in the blank). But why not now?

The best part is that living in the moment doesn’t have to involve some major life altering event. It can be so simple and done right where you are, where ever you are.

For myself, I’ve been trying to capture those moments in photography. Below are a few of my moments. Read more



Over the last six months, I’ve occasionally snapped a picture of the Toronto skyline – particularly on the days I’ve glanced out and done a double-take. But lately, that’s every day.

In looking through the skyline images I’ve accumulated, it’s amazing how different the city looks from day to day, season to season. I’ve since decided to capture the city skyline every day over the next year as it evolves through the changing weather patterns and seasons, and will be posting to TO.365. Yesterday marked the first one.

Curated Life

I’ve been going through a lot of old photos this evening, and I’m reminded again of how fast time has gone on by, and how much my life has changed in what feels like a short period of time.

As I went through photos tonight, I felt compelled to pull some of them that represent moments in my life that have had a particular significance to me for one reason or another. Below are a capture of those moments.

Afghan woman with her children

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