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Love fish? Help keep them around.

Documentaries are a staple in our household. We watch them as religiously as some families follow their favorite sitcoms or catch up on the evening news. This evening, I finally got around to watching “The End of the Line“, based on the book by Charles Clover with the same title. If you haven’t watched it yet and are one for documentaries, I highly recommend it.

The documentary discusses the fishing industry and focuses on the current state of the health of our oceans – and more importantly, the expected degradation we can expect if we do nothing to change our attitudes and behaviors. Having gone diving in some local waters that have been depleted of ocean life and also others that are protected areas that were teaming with life, I have to say the documentary struck a particularly sensitive cord in me. What a shame if within our generation we saw some of our most beloved fish disappear into extinction and the waters look as barren as they already do in some parts.

Upon finishing the documentary, I went to the film’s website where they have more information about what the average person can do, and updated news links about the fishing industry. They also provide links to other sites that give listings of restaurants (unfortunately, mainly in the United States) according to a sustainability ratings, as well as recommended fish to eat and to avoid – based on current population levels. For a detailed pocket fish guide (PDF) of the recommended fish to avoid and eat, you can download it here.

I’ve included a summary chart of the top ten fish to avoid and to eat below, in case it’s of interest to you. I know it was to me.

Image from

If you’d like more details about why each of the fish is listed in either the avoid or eat list, you can find the original chart on the The End of the Line website. Just select the fish you’re interested and more content will appear.


“Foodiologie” now live

A brief note…

Food has always been a great passion and source of sharing and conversation for me and my family. As a result, my sister and I decided to finally launch a joint food blog that would capture our ideas, observations, tips, and opinions about food. What this means is that I’ll be posting all future posts about food in our new blog, called Foodiologie.

I hope you’ll visit us there.

Happy New Year, and happy eating!

Baby Carrots’ junk food-esque marketing campaign

Bolthouse Farms and Crispin Porter + Bogusky have assembled a great satirical marketing campaign for baby carrots in the style of junk food ads. Entertaining and fun. And if that’s not enough, the campaign comes with its very own microsite, and iPhone app that boasts of being “the world’s first ever carrot-crunch-powered video game. Ever.”




Slowing down

After a long week and busy weekend, my boyfriend and I wanted a relaxed meal at home, but didn’t feel like cooking or getting take-out. In a stroke of his usual genius, he suggested we have fondue. Truly, a wonderful solution: light preparation, almost no dishes afterwards, a relatively healthy choice, and a chance to catch-up after a hectic week at work for both of us. Were there any down-sides?

One of the best things about fondue is that it forces you to slow down… something we all need a little more of in an instantaneous world.

Pig Roast: A community event

Photo credit: © Vivian Chan

Two dear friends of ours are getting married this summer, and as a tribute to them, their community got together to hold a pig roast in their honor. An old family friend hosted the event at his farm. Friends, family, and neighbors from all around came together to both help with the event, and to celebrate the marriage to come. Saying a few words to kick off the feast, the host’s wife congratulated the happy couple, adding that this was the way their small Ontario town wanted to congratulate them. I loved that. To me, it was the perfect personification of the heart and spirit of community. Read more

Cool summer desserts for a hot, lazy Sunday afternoon

Photo credit: © Vivian Chan

It’s the last day of the Canada Day long weekend. The weather’s been hot, humid, and beautifully sunny. It’s the perfect kind of weather that inspires cool, light desserts to go with that fruity beverage on a patio.

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Parts & Labour: Parkdale’s hottest new spot

Photo credit: © Vivian Chan

Last night was the grand opening of Parkdale’s highly anticipated new restaurant, Parts & Labour. Just down the street from Cowbell, Mitzi’s Sister, and the ever delightful Local Kitchen. The restaurant was renovated from an old hardware store, and a lot of the decor keeps that legacy in mind. An entryway that is lined with old car windshields, bar stools that look like huge springs, lights reminiscent of old fire extinguishers, and bar shelving that is styled like those that would be found in a garage. I love that. And it’s something the owners have a knack for doing very well, as we’ve seen in the other hot spots they’ve created: The Social, Oddfellows, and who could forget their flagship industrial design studio, Castor Design.

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