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reKalibrate is a blog about change in the form of incremental adjustments we have the opportunity to make while we strive towards something better. Whether those adjustments are available on a personal level in our lives, at the corporate level in companies, or even on a global scale around issues like sustainability and politics, change tends to start small and it always needs to start somewhere. That somewhere is often within a seed of inspiration, thought, incident, or observation.

These are my thoughts around the “somewhere seeds” I’ve been noodling about that I hope also inspire further thought – or possibly even change – for you.



Vivian Gagliano is a marketing and communications strategist who currently works with clients on a freelance basis. She specializes in tying in measurement and performance evaluation to brand and product marketing.

Drawing inspiration from technology, sustainability, travel, food, art, and culture, her career has followed suit and has taken her across a broad range of industries and environments including two years in Afghanistan. While there, she established the marketing communications department and drove the award-winning rebrand for a start-up telecommunications company, and later led the media implementation efforts with the United Nations for the first Afghanistan Parliamentary elections.

Since then, Vivian has worked in corporate, agency, and start-up settings, consulting both external and internal clients on brand building, digital and social marketing, measurement strategy, and social responsibility.

Outside of work, Vivian is an avid foodie, traveler, art lover, maker, and admirer of reclaimed things.

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