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Apple is going social! Or are they?


Can it be? Is it true? Is Apple dipping their big toe into social media?

The story that the tech giant may be finally taking steps into social media with the launch of their isee5c page is certainly starting to ripple across the interwebs. No major momentum yet, but the discussions are certainly starting to take place. And if this is the case, it seems that Apple has chosen Tumblr as the social media platform of choice to launch the famously silent brand’s social presence onto. Bravo to Tumblr. Any why not? Tumblr boasts a young user base that closely matches the demographic Apple is targeting with their iPhone 5C, not to mention a highly visual and flexible platform that can be fully customized and skinned exactly as a user wants (which Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even Pinterest aren’t able to boast).

If you go to the page – you’ll find a fun grid of blocks that you can explore. Each block is a 15 second video that pays homage to different lifestyle moments that you can then reblog or like. And that is the extent of the page (for now – can’t discount that “Coming soon” call out!).

So are they going social?

I’m not so sure. They’ve launched a social marketing campaign in social. Tumblr is being used as a channel to push their content: their series of fun, colourful video vignettes that cleverly tie back to the brand. They’re enabling sharing and likes to take advantage of the viral nature social media enables. Whether the content will actually get shared will be seen in time. And what about Apple’s “voice”? I mean the two-way conversation that is a keystone of the origins of social media. The part that fans have come to expect and the reason why brands originally joined the social foray. This brings us back to what Apple is famous for: their silence. And if that’s the case – how much has really changed? Can this be considered a major step change into social for them?

As an aside, it’s be worth noting that as some sources point out, Apple has not actually formally confirmed that the Tumblr page is theirs – although fans are seeing a lot of promoted posts, which suggests media dollars backing the campaign. All in all, if it IS theirs – it will certainly be worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. Hey Viv. Apple actually tried going into social before but failed with iTunes’ Ping ( Let’s see if they can accomplish something this time!

    March 4, 2014
    • Thanks for the reminder, Chris! I had forgotten about that dismal failure! 🙂

      March 6, 2014

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