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Billboard that creates potable water from the air

It all started with the impending start of the University of Engineering and Technology’s (UTEC) application period and its need to capture the attention of potential students. Based in Lima, Peru, where potable water is limited and the air humidity is 98%, the University launched a very different kind of campaign: a billboard advertising their school that also contained the technology necessary to capture the air humidity with an air filter and turning it into drinkable water through a condenser and water filter. Each billboard contained a water tank that could carry up to 20L of water.

UTEC not only showcases the very benefit of what their institution offers, but also developed a great way of building awareness and relationships with the very communities they want to draw students from at the grassroots level.

Everybody wins. And, it’s brilliant.

For the marketers and brands out there: how can you better integrate your product or service as a benefit to the communities you’re a part of? Is there a way of also integrating your messaging intrinsically into what you’re doing in a way that demonstrates what you offer – rather than just saying what you offer? Of course, not every product lends itself as beautifully to an idea and execution like UTEC, but perhaps there are other ways of bringing product offering and service to a community together that’s beyond donated dollars and the social responsibility programs often isolated from the rest of the company.

Something to think about.

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