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A sea of burlap: The rustic country wedding and wholesaler that would

My man and I recently got married and from the beginning of our planning process, we knew we wanted a laid-back country barn wedding. It meant big open space, family-style food, beers all around, and décor and table dressings that oozed rustic comfort. What else to say rustic than burlap?

Somewhere along the line, I got the brilliant idea of sourcing our burlap and cutting it down for our table runners, favours, and other things… myself. So, a few months before the wedding, I started my search. Who knew there were so many different types and weaves of burlap! After getting a pile of samples in, I chose one and did the calculations of how much we’d need, then visited a few fabric stores in our area. Nadda. No one had what I wanted. So, I tried a few online wholesalers. The burlap tended to come from too far away and the shipping costs were quite steep – for the amount I needed, shipping nearly cost more than the burlap.

Then, I did a search for “burlap wholesale Toronto”. And that’s when I found them: Nusso Textiles.

Not only did they have the weave of burlap I wanted, their prices were great. I called the number on their website. Eli, who ended up helping me with everything over the next few days, picked up on the second or third ring and took down my order. I would need 118 meters of the 60″ wide burlap. They sold it in rolls of 32 meters. Would it be okay if I got 4 rolls, and had a little extra? No problem. “That’s going to be 4 rolls then,” confirmed Eli. Great. Done. Quotation was sent out, and the burlap was packaged up and scheduled to be shipped to me by the next morning. I paid with PayPal, and I hadn’t even left my house yet.

And then it arrived.

Four gigantic rolls of burlap that were nearly taller than me with very robust girths. (In retrospect, I wish I had taken a photo of the rolls.) They were a challenge to lift (although a buffer human than I probably would have had less problem), more difficult to carry, even more difficult to get up a full flight of stairs. After many long minutes of a combination of heaving and dragging, I sat staring at them. Surely, I didn’t need that much. Where had I possibly gone wrong? I prided myself on precision. Obviously, this wasn’t very precise.

As it turned out, my miscalculation happened in the multiplier of table runners. Five 12″ table runners fit perfectly across the 60″ wide burlap. This was the whole point of getting 60″ wide burlap, rather than the 40″. Great! Only, I hadn’t divided my total length by five. My face flushed. I recalculated. I only needed 28 meters. I had 128. Awesome.

I called Eli again the next morning, and gingerly explained to him what I had done. Was there any way I might be able to bring back three of the four rolls? He chuckled in good humour (probably wondering how this lady on the phone had gotten it so wrong) and responded that so long as the rolls were still in their original packaging and hadn’t been opened, it would be no problem.

No problem! The magic words. Nusso Textiles is a wholesaler. I didn’t know what a typical wholesale return policy was, but in all likelihood, they didn’t have to take anything back… and hassle-free. (Maybe they wouldn’t want me to tell you they took it back.) But, for me, as a bambuzzled, spread-too-thin bride-to-be, juggling an intense workload, client travel, personal commitments, and the wedding – their attitude and helpful nature made all the difference in the world to me.

Photo courtesy of Suzanna Brusikiewicz

So I took the excess burlap back. And with the rest, I made a set of gorgeous table runners, piles of toppers for our jam favours, and used the rest for the aisle I was to walk down. The result couldn’t have been more fantastic – and well worth the effort, despite the rigamarole I had created for myself.

For any other brides and grooms looking for burlap for a more rustic looking wedding, especially those in the Toronto area, I highly recommend Nusso. Just be sure to triple check your calcuations. I know I will.

You can find them at:

Nusso Textiles
200 Bentworth Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6A 1P8

Phone: (416) 781-3555
Toll-free: (877) 733-4438

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