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That can’t be an electric car: the Fisker Karma


I’m a huge fan of electric cars, or rather, the concept of electric cars. I say “concept” because currently without them having taken off in the mass market yet, they’re not fully suitable for the typical driver’s lifestyle, depending on how far you generally need to drive. There aren’t an abundance of charging stations around yet, and without those, who wants the risk of getting stranded? No one.

And then, there’s the look of the electric car. When you think of an electric car, you’re probably like me and visualize the small, cute, round-looking 2-person (or physics-defying 4-person) cars that are not quite buggy, not quite car.

So, to date, an electric car hasn’t been fully suitable from a functional and design aesthetic perspective… so it’s not fully in the consideration set of most car buyers, right?

Enter the Fisker Karma – a luxury (real) four-seater electric car that looks – well, it looks sexy! Now that’s a car. What’s better, it’ll go the distance you need it to without the frequent charge ups.

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  1. Roben Nieuwland #

    Nice, how about a free energy car:)

    July 21, 2011
    • vivve #

      Always one step ahead, Roben! 🙂

      July 23, 2011

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