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Mobile commerce: Check-out your groceries from the convenience of your shopping cart


Tired of waiting in the long retail lines every time you need a carton of milk? Some U.S. retail stores are including a check-out system on their shopping carts that allow customers to check out their items as they shop. So far, it looks like it’s a win-win solution for both customers and retailers. Customers are happy because they don’t need to wait in lines to pay, and the retail stores are happy because it turns out this new way to shop actually nets an average increase of products purchased by 10%. In other words, retailers are making shopping and check-out so easy that you although you might only need that carton of milk, why not pick up an extra bag of chips, fruit, and flour while you’re there?

Certainly an interesting concept that just highlights the continuing trend towards a more seamless intersection between bricks and mortar and mobile and online commerce.

Full article at The Wall Street Journal.

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  1. This is a significant step, just ike you have quick check-in points at certain airports. But I think as with all things, it could be prone to fraud as shoplifters may with to use this to their advantage.

    October 14, 2011

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