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Kinect: YOU are the CONTROLLER

Last night, an ad for the XBOX Kinect came on tv. I was on my computer, and so was only partially paying attention – but the last statement of the ad really jolted my attention back to the tv: “YOU ARE THE CONTROLLER.”

How profound. Are we here in the future already? How incredible is it that technology has now evolved to the point where you don’t need a controller to play video games anymore. Microsoft has completely changed the playing field this time, like Nintendo did with the Wii. And collectively, we are charging towards the reality that anyone and anything can be a vehicle and platform for technology, connection, communication, and interaction.

The rest of the ad itself is expressive in the simplicity of this concept. Just do what you know how to do already: move.

It made me go find it on YouTube to share – so they did something right.


To be alone…

I loved this short poem and film. It’s a beautiful perspective on being alone and discovering a certain comfort in being able to be alone.

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