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The Guy At Home in His Underwear: Raising awareness for testicular cancer

On October 6th, Stanfield launched “The Guy at Home in His Underwear” with the help of John St, Hard Citizen, and The Secret Location. The campaign is focused on raising awareness for testicular cancer, featuring Mark, the Guy at Home, wearing nothing but his skivvies on live camera feeds all day long. For every person who “likes” the campaign through Facebook, Stanfield’s will donate $1, up to a maximum of $25,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society.

From Day 1, the campaign took off. Within the first day, thousands gave their support by “liking” the Guy at Home in his Underwear. Since then, the campaign has gathered over 35,000 Facebook likes, managing to reach the 25,000 like and $25,000 donation goal within the first week. Stanfield’s decided to put up another $25,000 for the remainder of the campaign. Smart thinking, Stanfield’s! Since then, it seems every few hours, a few thousand more people jump in to like the campaign.

So why the huge uptake? With all the companies clamouring to “do digital” and to be the next viral sensation, what has set this campaign apart from some others that have not have met the same success? I personally, think it’s four things:

1) It’s easy to participate. Just click a like button. People don’t want to go through hoops to check out your campaign.
2) It’s accessible. The site leverages Facebook’s already familiar functionality and platform that many people are already using.
3) It’s for the better good. We love to contribute to a good cause and affect positive change. In this case, Mark himself battled testicular cancer, and donations are going to cancer research.
4) It’s engaging… in real time. Not only is there an innate fascination with watching someone else live their life – which is why soap operas and reality television are so popular – there’s nothing like being able to interact and have something happen onscreen because of something YOU have said or done. With Guy At Home, it’s usually within minutes. That is, if he’s on the live chat.

All in all, a fantastic campaign… and it seems that many others think so too. Since it launched, Guy at Home, has been featured on multiple local Toronto news channels, CBC, Creativity Online, Ads of the World, and has also been nominated by fans for Mashable’s Most Creative Social Good Campaign award.

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