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Look up. Feel better.

To say it’s been a hectic few weeks… and months would be a slight understatement. Yet, in saying that, I know I’m not alone. Judging by how focused, introspective, and rushed my fellow Torontonians seem to be… brushing by me on the street, on and off transit, and in and out of stores – it’s quite apparent that I’m not the only one. <Insert collective sigh here.>

In one such typical moment of rush – waiting for the Toronto Queen streetcar to arrive to whisk me off to work – I happened to look up. Wow. What an open, swallow-you-whole, blue-blue, don’t-you-wish-you-could-swim-in-me sky it was. Particularly as it framed the lovely old buildings under it. It shook me back to reality. A different kind of reality. The kind that reminds you that life is more than the anxiety of time-watching, streetcar-waiting, work-rushing, and list-making. Life is…

Just that.

A sigh of breath.
The brush of the wind in your hair or against your face.
A warming heat from the sun at your back.
Rows of rustling trees.
The dazzling colors of sun-kissed summer flowers.
Laughter in a distant schoolyard.
Or just … nothing. Silence.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s beyond the strain of our own mental universes within the bustling city, in our busy jobs. The great news is that when we do and want a reminder, it’s easy. Just look up.

It’s all there to remind us…
…to notice the smaller, finer things in life,
… that there is a world so much bigger than us,
… and, oh yes, breathe.

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