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From Russia with Love: Reinventing an icon

My boyfriend’s brother just returned from Moscow, bearing dolls. Matryoshka dolls, or Russian nesting dolls, to be exact. I don’t know what it is about these small wooden dolls. The concept is so simple, and so universally known, but equally delightful no matter how old you are, and how often you have opened the dolls to reveal the smaller one within.

But far better than the iconic traditional Russian dolls were a second red, white and blue doll-set bearing a smiling Obama and Medvedev on the largest doll. Within each one was a smaller doll, with the faces of the American Presidents of the past painted on each one… a small refresher in America’s recent political history. It was delightful. Despite knowing who they were, it was sheer, childish joy anticipating then revealing the painted faces of each President. Amazing.

It just goes to show. It doesn’t matter if an idea’s been done: it’s all in the execution… or the reinvention.


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  1. Love the dolls, love the photos! I seem to recall you being a bit techie, so maybe you’ll get a kick out these matryoshka dolls I saw on today: Nice job on the blog, by the way!

    August 2, 2010
  2. vivve #

    Thanks, Maria! I love the tech Matryoshka dolls. Even if it’s a top 10 list of tech toys for kids, I might have to get one for myself – that and the LEGO MP3 player.

    August 3, 2010

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