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Happy birthday, Canada!

Photo credit: © Vivian Chan

Yesterday was Canada’s 143rd birthday. As my mom was visiting from out of town, we had the brilliant idea of taking her to Niagara Falls for the celebration. It seemed that our brilliant idea was shared by the entire region of Southwestern Ontario, as we entered the gridlock that was Queen Elizabeth Way – the highway to the beautiful Niagara Falls. Inch by inch, we made our way towards the Falls – escaping eventually for a pitstop at one of the many wineries on the way. Some pitstop: perched comfortably on stools, sipping back a selection of aromatic Ontario wines, overlooking the swaying vines of the Niagara Region. Beautiful. If ever there were a pitstop I wouldn’t mind doing more often, it’s that one. Highly recommend.

After a few more hours, and a stop-over in the picturesque Niagara-On-The-Lake, we arrived. As expected, Niagara Falls was packed with people sharing our Canada Day vision. I’m not a big one for crowds – all of the pushing, bumping, and fighting to carve a path through to a vague notion of “over there”. But for Canada Day, I was willing to make an exception. As the night fell everyone thankfully started to slow down. The clammoring was more about settling in for a spot to see the fireworks than moving to a more advantageous viewing point of the Falls. Luckily, the sky above is more spacious than the physical space on the ground, and when it came time for the first whistling firework to be launched, no one was fighting for space… or at least, no one needed to. A spectacular display overhead brought a rucus of Oooo’s and Ahhhh’s over the illuminated Falls, and also served as a good reminder of why we had all come in the first place.

Happy birthday, Canada!


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