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Inspire yourself: Live your art

I recently attended a webinar by Seth Godin talking about his new book Linchpin. The webinar was hosted by @stevecunningham and his team at Polar Unlimited. One of the things Seth talked about was the concept of a no-holds-barred way of living: Overriding the instinctual fear that’s in all of us that often acts out and holds us back from doing something, and taking the leap to do it anyway. It’s about living out what grabs and/or inspires us – often leading to innovation, leadership, connection with others, and ultimately contribution and change. This way of living that not only fuels further courage and inspiration within us, but also in other people. He calls people who do this, linchpins.

Linchpins may not be fearless, but they do things they believe in despite that fear. They create their own form of art wherever they go – whether that’s great strategy, deep human connections, a beautiful crème brûlée, or a sculptural piece. I found this inspiring and freeing. To think about my life and my actions from the far more simplified, basic perspective of what inspires me and makes me happy, rather than of the all-too-natural perspective of judgement: should I or shouldn’t I, why or why not. What also happened is that the judgment and reactions of other people don’t carry so much weight. Instead, all I’m left with is “I’m doing this for the sheer fact that it is good… and inspires me… and I want this”. Nothing else matters then.

What a fabulous concept.

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