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Free Pastry Day @ Starbucks: Marketing brilliance for so many reasons

Free Pastry Day @ Starbucks: Marketing genius for so many reasons

I was delighted to wake up to a Free Pastry Day at Starbucks this morning. In my mind, the only thing better than yummy, fresh pastry in the morning is FREE yummy pastry: a truly outstanding way to start the day. So as I walked down the street, pondering which one of three Starbucks locations I would get my free pastry from along my walk to work, I thought to myself, how interesting this is. Starbucks (and I’ll begrudgingly add, McDonald’s before Starbucks) is brilliant!

First, Starbucks had managed to reach me through their viral, word-of-mouth campaign. They had also managed to successfully obtain 100% of my morning pastry mindshare as I sailed past an array of charming coffee shops that smelled enticingly of fresh baked goods. Third, as I entered the store, I quickly realized that I didn’t want to be “that patron” who had just come in for a freebie, particularly under the purposeful gaze of the man behind the cashier. Since I don’t generally drink coffee, I walked out with an orange juice that even the Barista commented was expensive (but I enjoyed every sip of it). Finally, Starbucks had successfully gotten me in through their door and put their locations on the map for me for future reference.

So, for someone who normally doesn’t drink coffee, rarely enters coffee shops in the morning, and deliberately avoids the big-box franchises like Starbucks – Starbucks had accomplished a tremendous feat.

Interesting. Next ponderance… I need to do something about this pastry weakness.

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