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Hideaway Island

If you’re looking for a vacation that’s away from the crowds, out of the ordinary,  and good for the soul, check out Chumbe Island, off the coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania. The island is tucked away in the middle of a Reef Sanctuary, and is a short boat-ride away from Mbweni Ruins Hotel, just south of Stone Town. There are only 7 eco-bungalows, so even when its fully booked, it’s never crowded and you still feel the peace and calm in a perfect natural surrounding. Whether it’s grabbing a book from their island library, taking a guided nature walk through the coral rag forest, or snorkeling in the reef, there’s natural inspiration all around, and no shortage of ways to relish in the time.

All meals are included, and the food is incredible. Meals are served in the main building – the Visitor’s Centre – with private tables each overlooking the breathtaking ocean view. Meals feature locally-inspired dishes, laden with beautiful sauces, spices and flavours.

For more information on the island, visit:

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